post 420 aura cleanse


So old and wise have forgotten

In the mold of our eyes while senses turn rotten

so I ask you if you can still hear

Can you catch in your ear a young mother’s soft sighing?

Believe when you hear of two great teachers dying?

And if you are the one who stands crying,

 “I’m so tired of my human skin,

Pardon me while I molt.”

Then shake your feathers out, grey and black and covered

with Sunday morning cartoons

it’s time to emerge from the chrysallis

you paper macheed

around your body in the third grade.

repeal your prefrontal cortex’s position as perpetual prisoner in a pickle jar

the science fair is over baby

and there’s just nothing left

you’ve God to do

I am clawing at myself right now 

chewing and biting my astral flesh

scraping and tearing because fuck me if I need to bleed

I feel an intangible sense there are nails being drawn across a chalk board

there is an insufferable itch in the center of my back 

and I always scratch it the same old way

the same old fucking way and I just

can’t get comfortable anymore 

I want to scream

I go now to smoke.  

Ready to face myself and pull on blind intuition

let me run straight through my fire 

the flame cannot consume me for I am the flame

raw and real and true

and FUCK YOU. FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU if my art is pain then let it be pain 

I own my pain

would I rather feel this, than the nothing of bliss?

where bliss is blank do I scream to scribble?

"zodiac evolution"

destroy what does not serve you, transcend the limits you have created for yourself 

destroy what does not serve you, transcend the limits you have created for yourself 

fractals on fractals on fractals 

I actually love it :)

Very cool project.  I will go forth and see.

and so the bird thought on her miserable lot,

asking how it could be, when so blessed.

But a beautiful cage, and a livable wage, are still but a cage nonetheless.